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This is the Next to Last Festival! We are a non-profit music and arts festival in Athens, Ga showcasing over 15 unique and exciting musical acts from all over the country, progressive speakers, performance art, a vendors market, a farmer’s market, and a community info center for creatures of all ages. With so many blockbuster festivals gouging their attendees out of absolutely obscene sums of money, only to confine them in uncomfortable, tight spaces and skimp on basic necessities, our goal is to do the right thing: That is, to create a reasonably priced music festival that provides an overwhelmingly positive, comfortable and fun festival experience for attendees of all kinds in the beautiful Georgia outdoors. Proceeds from this year’s event will be going to Common Ground Athens, Common Ground New Orleans, and the fantastic artists who have volunteered their time and efforts to make this happen.


The Next to Last Festival and Athens Cine Present:
Play All: Short Film Works By the Books and The Getty Address: An Animated Opera By Dirty Projectors Thursday, December 6th 7:30pm $5
ISHUES In the Movement added to lineup

How about parking?

Parking will be available on a sliding scale designed to encourage carpooling for everyone’s sake and to maintain the land so that it will let us play another year. A full car (5 or more) can park for free. A car with 4 passengers can park for $5. A car with 3 passengers can park for $7. A car with 2 passengers can park for $10. And a car by your lonesome will be $15. We still feel that any way you look at this, the content of the event is more than worth it and we hope you’ll let us prove it to you.

Are there any age restrictions?

No, the Next to Last Fest is an all ages event!

Are there any species restrictions?

At this point, we are allowing pets under current Athens leash and clean-up laws. We ask that you please respect the property and scoop that poop if it’s in a walking or sitting area.

Will my tickets be mailed to me?

No, all tickets will be will-call at the door; you just need to bring your paypal receipt or confirmation email if you paid by check or money order.

Something came up and I won’t be able to come anymore, can I get a refund?

No, we do not have the ability to refund ticket purchases so please keep that in mind when buying.

Will tickets be available at the door?

We will be selling passes online, at Wuxtry Records and School Kids Records in Athens, and (if it doesn’t sell out) then yes, you might get in at the door.

Will there be re-entry during the day?

Re-entry will only be honored with a 2-day wrist band. However, if you find that you need to leave and come back during your experience, you may upgrade your one-day pass to a two day wrist band for $5 at the front gate.

Can I bring adult-flavored beverages/How about coolers/Will such concoctions be sold?

No alcohol will be sold at the event. However, coolers of normal sizes will be permitted. We will not allow kegs or glass bottles. Those consuming alcohol must possess a valid ID.

What happens if it rains?

The festival will take place rain or shine. All acts advertised have confirmed their appearance at the Next to Last Fest. However, acts are subject to change without notice. Please visit this website regularly for the most up-to-date information. All rules and regulations are subject to change.

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